Skip Training & Implementation

LPS has invested considerably into our Skip Locate Division￿s Training to ensure that our staff has been given the tools necessary for asset collection. In the business of skip tracing, our strongest asset is the utilization of a particular set of skills developed from industry experience, training and the latest tools available to optimize our tracking potential. Our organization has created a unique approach to tracking through not only utilizing technological tools, but combining creative thinking, reasoning and a thorough attention to detail for an ￿Out of the Box￿ approach. Our successful skip tracers are highly inquisitive and are taught to explore each lead to a final conclusion. It is also important to remember that it is the individual skip tracer that sets us apart from our competition, thus the reason training and personnel selection is such a crucial component to our formula. Our information sources, tools, and even relationships are available to our perspective clients in the automotive finance industry. Possession of these tools alone do not equal success. It is the skillful use of these tools by the members of our elite skip team that successfully locate the collateral.

Our staff is professionally trained to filter, read, deciphered and share this information properly in conjunction with our recovery agents in the field. We also remember the most basic skip tracing tool that so much of the competition forgets about, the telephone. Our skip tracers are trained on how to speak to associates, relatives, ex employers and to your customer in a manner that is professional and optimal to receive results. You can be assured that our skip tracer conducts themselves in a professional manner at all times during our investigation or location of your collateral. In-office monitoring also helps us with the continuous training and assures that the correct methods are being employed on your behalf.